DSCN0069Obviously that’s not me! That’s my big fur baby, Luna. (She looks small here…the marvels of photography magic.) She’s one of five fur babies in our family. The other four are cats. All will probably make an appearance in a post at some time or another because their antics are MANY. My name is Susan. I live “Up North” in northern Michigan, where the snow is cold and the summers are too short. I’m a wife, a mom to three homeschooled kids, and am a professional musician. I’m an avid reader, quilter, and lover of crafts in general. I enjoy warm weather, working in my garden growing the only thing it will grow (green beans), cross-country skiing (as I need a reason to get fresh air in the winter), cooking good food (usually involving butter, sugar, or black beans…usually not all in the same recipe), and hanging out with my family (current family time fave is playing the dice and card game Deer in the Headlights). I despise grocery shopping on Saturdays, shopping for clothes, and shopping malls…do you sense a theme here?



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