Kettlebell Crazy…and another book

MC Sports is going out of business. This was good news for my exercise equipment inventory. (Not so good for the people who worked there or for my future exercise equipment needs/wants.) A few weeks ago I purchased a weighted hula hoop. It came with a video. I LOVE exercise videos. My son thinks they are “durpey.” (I have absolutely no idea if that is even a real word or how one should spell it. I know what it means though. Dorky. It means Dorky. My son thinks I look like a dork whenever I do an exercise video.) Anyway, durpeyness aside, I like that hula hoop. I especially like it because it is the only hula hoop that I’ve ever been able to actually get spinning. (I will admit, the woman on the video is a bit durpey.)

Along with the hula hoop I picked up another kettlebell. I had a ten pound one already and thought I was ready to graduate to a 15 pounder. Um…no. Not happening. That 15 pounder came with another video. YEAH! It took me four tries to get through the first 25 minute portion of the workout with the 10 pounder. BOO! Today I added (or attempted to add) the ab portion of the video. I did okay. Not fabulous. Just okay. But I will persevere and I will eventually get through that whole video without skipping a single sit-up. I may even get through it with the 15 pounder. It may take me ten years, but I will do it!

I did get something done this week and I can’t wait to share a picture. You may remember that I mentioned a few crafty goals earlier in the year. You may also remember that I finished the ginormous knitted afghan some time ago. Item #2 on the list was a cross-stitch project of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. I’m pleased (more than you can even imagine) to say that I finished it a couple nights ago. I will never, ever, ever, ever (do you get the picture here) do another cross-stitch project on midnight blue linen. I’ll share a picture once I get it ironed (it’s quite wrinkled right now) or after I get it framed. Eldest and I will need to make a trip to the frame store soon as she is very close to finishing up a massive Legend of Zelda cross-stitch that has 121,836 stitches in it. I’ll share a picture of that one, as well. I’ll move on to item #3 on my crafty goal list shortly..It’s a quilt I started 18 years ago. I have two other quilts to finish first, though, before I can get back to that one.

DSCN2204.JPGI also finished reading another book this week. Finish #16 for 2017 is The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. I started listening to an audiobook of this story many, many weeks ago. (I think I was almost to my limit of renewals at the library I’d had it so long!) When it seemed that I wasn’t going to be spending a lot of time in the sewing room (where I tend to do my listening) I returned the audiobook and checked out the actual book. I really liked this story which moves back and forth between the present and the main character’s childhood. As the story progresses, we see how events from her past affected her ability to function in the future. Through it all is woven the language of flowers–the meaning of different flowers and how the characters used those flowers to speak to one another.





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