Going Buggy. Lady Buggy, that is.

RSCN2203.JPGSome people have 101 Dalmations. They are so lucky. You know what we have 101 of? Ladybugs. Yep, we’ve got 101. We’ve got 102. We’ve got 1001. I think we might even reach a million and one by the time we finish sucking those little pests up into our vacuum cleaner.

Just to be scientifically accurate, what we’ve actually got are Harmonia axyridis, aka Multicolored Asian lady beetles. (If I were to be giving them a scientific name, I think I would go with Stinkaroni Multitudinous…which translates to Much Stink because I said so. And stink they do.) These critters have their own page on the Orkin website. That might mean that I’ve got a big problem.

I knew spring would be bad. When I was outside raking last fall there were thousands swarming behind the house. (Apparently they like light colored houses. I believe I will forgo my indoor painting projects and will instead spend the next six weeks painting the house black.) We couldn’t go a day without seeing one lurking somewhere inside all winter long. Now that the weather is warming up, they are pouring into the house like Orcs pouring into the Mines of Moria.

And while we’ve been dealing with the ladybugs, we’ve also had another appliance failure. Last week it was the water heater. This week it was the furnace. As the motor was dying last night, a great stink (worse than the ladybug smell) filled the upstairs. On top of all these repairs and replacements, someone’s car needs some work done. You know what will be pouring into the house next month? Bills.

Enough of that unpleasant stuff. You know what wasn’t unpleasant? I See You by Clare Mackintosh. This was finish number 15.  I really liked this book. It pulled me in right from the beginning and kept me interested right until the shocker of an ending. I’m definitely going to read anything else that I can find by this author.





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