Monday Morning Microwave Mayhem

Monday morning started with a bang, actually two, and a very big mess. Not wanting to wait the ten whole minutes that the steamer requires for cooking up an egg in a custard cup, I put my egg (in a custard cup, not in the shell) into the microwave. I’m quite certain I’ve done this before with no adverse effects. I set the time for two minutes. Thirty seconds later it sounded like a gunman was in the kitchen with me. Instead of me being blasted and splattered all over the wall, though, it was my egg blasted and splattered all over the inside of the microwave.

Now, with such a fine start to the day, you’d probably think that I’d want to curl right back up in bed and pull the covers over my head. I’ll admit, I gave it a thought. Exploding breakfast has to be a sign of some sort of impending doom, right?

But I persevered. I cleaned up that egg, steamed up a new one, and managed to blast through about 90 percent of my to-do list before lunch. I showed Monday who was boss.

After two weeks of being busy with other stuff (practicing for three worship services that occurred over less than two weeks time and dealing with important life moments like taking middle daughter for her road test and driver’s license acquisition!!), today I got back to weeding things out and cleaning things up. I’m not really following the guidelines in the “tidying” book I read recently. I’m not worrying about “joy sparking.” At least today I wasn’t. Today I tackled the bathroom cupboard. I can’t think of anything in there that “sparks joy.” Well, the electric toothbrush might spark something if I dropped the plugged in charger into water but it certainly wouldn’t be joy coming off of there. Everything in the bathroom seems to fall into the “necessity” category. Everything except for those 5 or so extra contact lens cases. Really, Opti-free folks, I don’t need a new case every single time I purchase solution. (Don’t tell my eye doctor I said that.)

DSC_0497.JPGThat busy stuff I was doing over the past couple of weeks may have cut into my reading time, because it seems like it’s been ages since I posted about a finished book. More likely, though, is that I was reading book three in Nora Roberts Guardians Trilogy, Island of Glass, and I was reading slowly because I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I’ve enjoyed her other books…the ones that aren’t part of this particular trilogy. I must say, I’m trilled to have book three behind me. I was so excited when she wrote this new trilogy. That excitement died when I read the first book. I wrote about reading that book last year. I’m just not really into witches and werewolves and mermaids and all the other stuff that she crammed into these three books. So, I’m not saying that these weren’t quality books, but rather that they just weren’t enjoyable for me.




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