One Guinea Pig Might Not Be Enough

Years ago we had a children’s book titled One Guinea Pig is Not Enough. Sadly, I sold it when we were clearing out a hoard of children’s books a few years back. I’m wishing now that I’d saved that one. Reading that book to middle daughter when she was an impressionable toddler must have planted the seeds for her current obsession. It seems that one guinea pig is not enough for her. Shortly after Beatrice came to live with us, middle daughter began (if she ever stopped) checking out the rescue sight for a second furry rodent.

This Sunday we’ll be introducing Beatrice to a friend. We are crossing our fingers that all goes well and they can happily co-exist in the same cage. We’ve been informed (by the rescue folks who know Beatrice) that Beatrice has a bit of a dominant personality, which, in so many words, translates to “might not play well with others.”

Humph. No one likes to be told that about their guinea pig!

DSCN2084.JPGThere’s Beatrice with finish #8 for 2017, Ain’t She Sweet? by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Yes, that’s my second book by her this year. Guess what? I’m reading another by her right now!

Ain’t she sweet? is what we’d say about Beatrice, not this “dominant personality” business! (Well, most of us would say that. Son would say quite the opposite. He’s not a fan of sweet little Beatrice. I think it might have something to do with the fact that middle daughter hassles him with talk of guinea pigs morning, noon, and night. Well, at least noon and night. He’s a bit of a late sleeper!)

As with all previous Susan Elizabeth Phillips books, I really enjoyed Ain’t She Sweet, the story of a previously stuck-up southern belle who returns to her hometown and experiences some difficulty making amends with all the people she hurt as a teenager.

I’ll attempt to resist the pull of Phillips’ books when I next go to the library. I might not be able to do so, though! Her books are quite a delightful read.

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