Oh. My. Gosh. Fault in our Stars 2.0

dscn2072My daughters won’t be clamoring to read this one. Finish #7 for the year is First Love by James Patterson and Emily Raymond. Do you know why my daughters won’t be clamoring to read this one? It’s because this book is The Fault in Our Stars 2.0 without any improvements on the original. No one in this family who read Fault in Our Stars has anything at all positive to say about the book. We are, quite frankly, baffled and perplexed by how popular it was!

Let’s go through a little comparison checklist between the two books, shall we?

Boy with cancer – check

Girl with cancer/previously with cancer – check

Road trip/plane trip – check

Meeting with an author – check

The word metaphor used in the book – check

Boy and girl engage in adult activity (which middle daughter doesn’t think I should include in this comparison, because apparently this is a common thing in teen books…perhaps I should be looking into the books she’s reading? I don’t recall teen books being so “racy” when I was a kid.)

Shortly after which…

Boy dies – check and check (and sorry for the spoiler if you haven’t read either one.)

Only thing missing…a scene where Hazel (Fault in Our Stars reference here) lets a little girl put her breathing tube thingies in her nose.Eww.

Now, I’m not making light of cancer or teenagers with cancer, but come on…two far-fetched plots revolving around teens with cancer that were published in the same decade with so many similarities…It’s just too much!

This might be the first James Patterson book I’ve read. It might also be the last.



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