If the author sounds bored reading their own book…

Rain, ice, slippery roads…this past week has been “Pure Michigan” joy. We headed to town on Tuesday (because eldest had to get to a college class and there was no way we were letting her drive–otherwise we wouldn’t have gone anywhere) and saw three cars off the side of the road. A plow truck got stuck. Just as the ice is starting to melt, another bout of freezing rain is heading our way tomorrow! Yippee! Perhaps I should shine up the ice skates and use those to get to town.

I’m pleased to report that progress is being made on at least some of the goals that I’ve set for myself for this year. I’ve taken off 5 pounds since Christmas. Yeah! No fancy diet, no change in exercise required. I still workout for around an hour most mornings. I still eat a lot of food. What I’m not doing, is eating a lot of sugary goodness. I’m still eating treats, but I’ve finally come to a point where I’m telling myself that I want to be healthy and get these few pounds off more than I want that extra cookie (or two or…five). So I’m currently left with about four pounds to go. (If I was really ambitious, I might go for also losing those five remaining pounds of pregnancy weight…but they’ve hung around since 2003, so I’ve grown quite attached!)

Progress has been made on the knitted blanket I previously mentioned. I believe that I’m dealing with a never ending skein of yarn. The blanket keeps growing, an inch at a time each night that I work on it, but the remaining tangle of yarn doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. I’ve also worked a bit on the Jesus cross-stitch. I would make faster progress if it wasn’t being done on midnight blue linen. I literally have to sit under a light in order to see anything! I also completed the pajama pants and have made good progress on the pajama shorts. No point rushing on those…won’t need them for months yet!

Now, on to the reading goal…

Book #3 of 2017, Still Alice by Lisa Genova, has been completed.

DSCN2061.JPGYou might have guessed from the title of this post that I wasn’t a fan. I may have liked it more (though “like” might be a strong word for feelings toward a book about Alzheimer’s), had I read it rather than listened to it. No offense to the author, just some constructive criticism here: If you sound bored reading your own book, the reader is also likely to be bored. This audiobook really made me appreciate the ones that are read well. I like it when the readers use different voices for the characters. It makes it easier to follow the story. Even a little inflection here and there is nice. With this one, you get nothing. (Except, perhaps, the feeling that you might have Alzheimer’s. By the end I was starting to think that I had Alzheimer’s as  I couldn’t remember the name and address the doctor kept wanting Alice to remember.) All of that said, I do believe the book addressed the challenges the patient and their families face when presented with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

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