Finishes #98 & 99 – A Macomber duo

Like a kid in a candy shop, so am I in a music store. We visited my favorite music store this week where I think I spent about two hours sifting through books, trying out songs on their keyboard (I can’t stand playing on keyboards, by the way), rejecting some books and putting others into the “buy” pile, and spending way more than I probably should on music for myself and eldest. I found a book of piano music from Mario video games and a couple of books of cello music for eldest. For myself (and eldest, as she’s already post-it noted several favorites), I found a book of Gershwin, a book of Ragtime music, and a New Orleans blues book.

And, because our music shelf was horribly packed and music was piling up on the floor and in a basket, we went to Walmart the next day and found an awesome new bookcase for our music room. Yes, we found an awesome bookcase at Walmart. Shocking, right?! It actually seems and looks quite high quality. (We knew it would be awesome as we had purchased one for middle daughter for Christmas. $68 for an awesome bookcase. Can’t beat that. We looked at one at ArtVan furniture store that would have needed bookends on every shelf to keep the books on for the low, low price of $1000. They had other options, but we were done listening. Actually, I was done listening when I walked in the door and was immediately pounced upon, not literally lest you think they are in the habit of assaulting their customers, by a salesperson with a CIA-like headset in his ear. We were pounced upon by another salesperson on our way out the door. I was beginning to think we would have to purchase something before they would let us leave. Most disturbing!)

So, in the midst of all the music store, furniture buying and setting up excitement, I finished two Debbie Macomber books. Yes, Debbie Macomber. If you’ve been following me on my 100 book journey, you will know that I am not a huge fan. I’ve had this book, passed on to me from my mom, on my shelf for many years. From the date inside the cover, it looks as if my mom read it in 2010. That means I’ve had it for 6 years. I figured it was about time that I crack open the cover and move this thing out of my house.

dscn2037Finishes #98 and #99 are from a book titled A Gift to Last. It contains two novels, Can This Be Christmas? and Shirley, Goodness and Mercy. They were quick reads, both set during the Christmas season. Neither one did much to change my opinion of the author. I’m not saying they were awful. They weren’t. If you like a light story without too much “meat,” then this would be for you. My reading preferences have changed so much over the past several years, though, that I’ve come to expect more.


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