Finish #95 – The Total Package

Here’s a little poem for this evening:

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house,

the lights were all flickering, about to go out.

The wind was blowing, whipping trees all around,

while piles of snow melted into the ground.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas (a day late)! It’s difficult to believe that yesterday was Christmas when the temperature outside has risen above freezing, the snowman that was on the porch had to be tossed into the yard before he melted everywhere, and, well, this is all my fault, the Christmas tree has already been taken apart and stored away for next year. Some might think that I’m a bit of a Christmas Scrooge for wanting to get the house back to normal as soon as possible after the festivities, but after having it up since Thanksgiving weekend, I’ve enjoyed it enough for the year.

You may recall that I previously wrote about Holiday Happiness Essentials and listed a couple of things that I considered essential to my enjoyment of the holidays. I ‘m pleased to say that I completed all the items on my list and a couple more that I hadn’t thought of at the time.


I made cinnamon rolls and enjoyed them for several days.

We watched a hokey Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel. Oh my gosh. Hokey with a capital “H.” I think it was called The Sounds of Christmas or something like that.

I made paper snowflakes…which wasn’t on my original list of things that I wanted to do this season.


DSCN2017.JPGWe went sledding and played “Capture the Sled,” which was a lot like “Capture the Flag.” Let me warn you: It’s pretty tiring running through deep snow. I hadn’t been sledding in such a long time. I’d forgotten how fun it was to go spinning down the hill. Falling off the sled…not so fun. Luna, the dog, enjoyed running up and down the hill after us…until she heard some snowmobilers and decided it was time to retreat to the safety of her home!

I finished a Christmas ornament. Every year I think that I should make some ornaments for the tree, and every year, Christmas passes before I get started. I finished it this morning and hung it on the tree for all of 60 seconds before I started putting ornaments away. But, hey, at least I got it done! It will hang from the fireplace mantel until next Christmas so I can enjoy it for awhile. Here it is:


Here are two more that I did a while ago:


I think having a list of things that I wanted to do really made the holidays more enjoyable. It seems like I get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting cards out (and I wonder why I even bother since we hardly received any cards in return this year) and buying presents, that I often forget to relax and just do some things that I enjoy.

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle and the doing of things that I enjoy, I finished book #95, The Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich. I’ve previously read a couple of books written by her. I recall enjoying them a bit more. This one wasn’t bad, but it won’t be on my top ten list for the year.


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