Finish #94 – Dog Songs

DSCN2016.JPGHere lies Belle. I like to think of Belle as a hippie. She always looks a little stoned, she’s peaceful, and she’s loving.

Here’s a story about Belle:

Last night while eating dinner, middle daughter commented, “Oh, look, Belle and BooBoo are sitting on the stool together.”

We all turned to gaze at this unusual sight. Belle and BooBoo don’t often hang out together. They’ve never, that we know of, shared a barstool at the counter.

It got even cuter. Belle began licking BooBoo, washing his ears. We all said, “Awww.”

Then things took an ugly turn! Perhaps Belle encountered a particularly nasty tasting bit of ear wax. Perhaps she wanted the stool for herself. Suddenly, she lunged at BooBoo and bit his ear.

We gaped, mouths hanging open. Our little hippie had turned into a demon!

Whilst sitting there trying to wrap our minds around what we had just witnessed, the little demon struck again! Middle daughter was now choking on the cornbread coating her throat. The rest of us continued to gape.

I’ve often thought I should write down some of our cat stories. With four cats with four different personalities, we’ve got plenty of stories. Mary Oliver in Dog Songs, which is Finish #94, did just that. Only it was about dogs, obviously, not cats, and she wrote poems.



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