Finish #92 – To Wed in Texas

Bah humbug.

That’s how I felt on Saturday. No Christmas cheer. Plenty of Christmas stress. Only a few presents had been purchased. No Christmas cards had been sent. I was ready to have a Christmas breakdown.

But after a lunch of breakfast at McDonald’s, Hubby and I tackled the Christmas shopping. This year we decided to support local businesses as much as possible. Hopefully our family near and far enjoy chocolate, because we went on a buying spree at the local candy store. (We even treated ourselves to a couple boxes, which I can’t wait to tear into!) As the day progressed, I could feel my Christmas cheer gradually returning. We managed to get nearly everything purchased on Saturday. A wrapping frenzy ensued while we watched three episodes of A Place to Call Home and the ending of the greatest (in my opinion) space movie ever, Armageddon.

The Christmas card situation was tackled on Sunday. Following church we crammed onto the fireplace hearth for a family photo. A trip to the store Sunday night yielded the rest of our Christmas presents and the cards all nicely printed out with our beautiful (in my opinion) family on it. The envelopes were addressed that night.

Big SIGH of relief.

Now I just need to wrap those last few presents and complete my mental list of “Holiday Happiness Essentials.” I’ve already checked off “Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate,” “Get a nice family photo,” and “Make cut-out cookies” from the list. What’s left: “Make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning,” “Make an ornament for the tree,” and “Watch a hokey Christmas movie…probably found on the Hallmark channel.”

Along with completing those “Holiday Happiness Essentials,” I need to get reading if I’m going to reach my hundred book goal.

DSCN2009.JPGFinish #92 is To Wed in Texas by Jodi Thomas. It was a historical romance. I’m not usually a fan of historical romances. I especially don’t like ones set in England. Thankfully, this one wasn’t. It was, obviously, set in Texas. While I enjoyed the story line, I did not enjoy all of the errors. Punctuation, weird sentence structure that didn’t make sense no matter how many times I reread it…There had to be more than five errors in the book. Five might not  seem like much to some people. I can ignore one error, though it will annoy me slightly. More than five though? Yikes! Where was the editor? I’m certainly not always perfect when it comes to punctuation or sentence structure, but it’s not my job. Still, errors aside, the plot was interesting and the characters were likeable (or unlikeable as in the case of one particular relative).

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