Finish #91 – 13 1/2

Allow me to introduce you to Rosie:DSCN1989.JPG

How’s that for a face that only a mother could love? Rosie doesn’t happen to be our most photogenic feline. She’s also a bit of a scaredy-cat weirdo. This little gal is scared of just about everything. It took her three years to warm up to the idea of wet cat food. Surely we were trying to poison her with that sloppy mess on a plate. She’d stick to dry food until she was quite certain that the other cats weren’t going to die after eating that wet stuff before she would give it a chance. She’s scared of the dog. It’s taken over three years for her to not run every time she hears the dog’s tags jingling. She only runs most of the time now. The one thing Rosie does love is her treats. Every single night she bellows at me to get her her treats and get them NOW! If I haven’t made it upstairs at the appointed time, she will venture as far as the stairs (hoping to avoid the dog) and loudly yell at me to get a move on.

But, despite all that, we love the little weirdo. She likes to cuddle (on her terms and at a time of her choosing) and she loves to sleep next to me. Sometimes too close to me, as was the case in the middle of last night when I woke up to a heavy weight sprawled across my chest.

So, I showed you a slightly scary looking (as in not the most attractive) cat who is scared of nearly everything. Now I’ll share with you a scary, suspenseful book. How was that for a segue?


Finish #91 is 13 1/2 by Nevada Barr. I enjoyed this book immensely. I’ve been looking for scary/suspenseful books at the library and just hadn’t been finding much. I came across this book title somewhere on the internet. I can’t remember where. Probably on a list of suspense books. I read the first bit while biking 15 miles on the exercise bike. I almost hated to drag my aching tired muscles and sore backside off the bike because I knew that I would have to set the book aside and get on with life for a bit before I could get back to it. I had a feeling that I knew where the book was going to go, and it did go there. So, even though the ending wasn’t a great surprise, I still really liked the story. I highly recommend this book.


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