Finish #89 – Heartstopper

It has finally snowed in northern Michigan. Sure, it snowed a couple of times previously this fall, but that snow didn’t stick. I don’t consider it official until the snow sticks, stays around, and a snow fort has begun to take shape out on the “lawn.” Below is a view from the back deck, looking out over the snow-covered and now frozen pond. A few days ago, middle daughter saw something rather large moving around down there. We all thought it was a bear. Yippee! A bear. Finally. After all these years, we’ll be able to say we saw a bear on our property just like the majority of our neighbors. Well…not quite…not yet. It wasn’t a bear. It was a massive, obviously eating very well, beaver. Still cool, but not a bear. We watched it for some time through the binoculars as it chewed away at a fallen tree.


dscn1982It seemed to take me forever to finish #89, Heartstopper by Joy Fielding. I usually only listen to audiobooks when I’m in the sewing room working on a project, so oftentimes audiobooks get renewed the maximum number of times before I get to the end. Several months ago I listened to an audiobook of Charley’s Web by the same author. I enjoyed Charley’s Web much more. Heartstopper was okay, but I found myself a bit annoyed by the characters…especially all/most of the men. I realize that characters have to have flaws just as real people do so that the story is interesting, but seriously…could she have put more men with questionable morals in one book? The best thing about this book was the ending. No, not just because it was finally over and I’d be free of those annoying men with their affairs and that really creepy fellow that made his wife have a tattoo that declared her his property, but rather because it was a total shock. The killer was someone you’d least expect. Hopefully saying that doesn’t spoil the story for you if you choose to read it or listen to it.

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