Finish #88 – Change Places With Me

DSCN1986.JPGI picked up finish #88, Change Places With Me by Lois Metzger, entirely by accident. Wait. That’s not quite true. I picked it up, looked at it, and put it in my library bag. Those were intentional actions. What wasn’t intentional, was reading a “teen” book. Someone had mistakenly located this book with the new adult fiction. It belonged about ten feet away in the teen “room.”

I’m not usually in the habit of reading “teen”/”young adult” fiction. Every once in a while I get sucked into a teen series. It happened with Twilight. It happened with Divergent. (Side note: I hated how that series ended.) It happened with Hunger Games. (Side note #2: I couldn’t even finish the third book. Snore!) It happened with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants…

Okay, it happens frequently. At least once every three years. (Sometimes more often if a movie is involved.)

I don’t recall having such a great selection when I was a teen. I recall having Sweet Valley High and that was about it. Maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough. Maybe someone finally clued in to a whole market that was going unserved. Whatever it was, my kids certainly seem to have a great selection from which to choose.

Change Places With Me was an interesting, engaging book about a girl who decides to have Memory Enhancement. I’d recommend it for both teens and adults. The story was original. I liked how it seemed to be set in the future with some “futuristic” type inventions, but it wasn’t sci-fi-ish. I’m not much of a sci-fi-ish kind of gal.



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