Finish #87 – The Importance of Being Earnest

So my son just said the silliest thing. He said, “I can’t wait until I can retire.” He’s thirteen. He hasn’t even started working yet!

Speaking of my kids…

Eldest just got her acceptance letter into the Honors Program at the college she’ll be attending next year! We are so proud!

Also, I recently told younger daughter that she should start her own blog about the books she reads. What prompted this suggestion was a discussion we had the other night when we noticed (and quickly moved on) that The Fault in Our Stars was on television. She was positively savage, and quite entertaining, as she discussed her reaction (which I shared) to that book. Sorry fans of that novel, the three of us who read it in this house want to gag whenever we even hear the title of that book.

On to more interesting books…

I have no photograph of finish #87 The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde because I read it on my tablet, having gotten it for free from Amazon. I recall seeing a movie by this same title years ago, so I thought I should actually read the play on which the movie was based. The play is about two men who like to pretend they are someone else when visiting either the city or the country, which leads to a bit of confusion involving the two ladies who they wish to marry.

I finished the play in an hour while trudging uphill on the treadmill. An hour. Uphill. My legs will be feeling it tomorrow!

Since I can’t post without a picture…enjoy this pic of Beatrice hanging out in her bed with her homemade fleece puffball on her homemade fleece cage liner. She’s a bit of a slob with her hay!


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