Finish #86 – Curious Minds

If you recall, I mentioned a while back that I was heading to the library to see if season four of Longmire was available. It wasn’t!!! I had to reserve it, and there was a brief moment of feeling like we were going to fall into the “SHOW HOLE.” Have you seen that commercial? Apparently after binge-watching a television series, you can fall into the dreaded “show hole” where you have nothing to watch! The horror! But we were lucky…there might not have been any Longmire, but I found a new series to get hooked on. We started watching the Australian series A Place to Call Home. I’ve got to say, the public library has caused us to get less sleep at night with their new DVD policy. Rather than being allowed to keep DVDs for three weeks as was the previous protocol, DVDs can only be kept for ONE WEEK! Who can get through a whole season of a television show in one week?! (We can, apparently, but not without sacrificing some sleep.)

Anyway, A Place to Call Home is an engaging series with interesting characters. I’d recommend it. Season two will have to wait, though, as I just received a call today that Longmire is available! (By the way, Hubby is now reading a second Longmire book. I’m looking forward to reading some more also.)

Enough about television…on to Finish #86, Curious Minds by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton. Check out Beatrice being curious about Curious Minds.


I read a book by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton a while back and wasn’t all that thrilled with it. This one was different. I immensely enjoyed this story. The witty dialogue was amusing; the story line was original. I’m hoping there will be more novels including the characters from this book.

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