Finish #85 – The Lighthouse, The Cat, and the Sea (Plus a new quilt project to share)

Finish #85 is another shorty…which took surprisingly longer for me to read than I had anticipated. I must have been reading slowly! The Lighthouse, the Cat, and the Sea by Leigh W. Rutledge was a delightfully “deep” (was that pun-y since there was a boat and the sea in the story?) story about a cat (one of my favorite topics in the world) who began life on the sea, survived a shipwreck, and was finally reunited with someone from her early life later on in the tale. Strangely, though the cat was named Mrs. Moore, I always thought of the cat as a boy.


Now on to the quilt project…

A couple of years ago I went on a shop hop with my mom to different quilt shops. If you’ve never been on one, sometimes there’s food, sometimes there are discounts, sometimes you get lucky and there are both! We visited a little quilt shop in a little town, and the ladies there were so helpful. I had no clue what quilt I wanted to make. I just knew that I wanted some bright colors. They helped me with my choices, and the end result is below! The pattern is Four-Patch Shift from the book Skip the Borders by Julie Herman. I quilted it with blue thread in an all over meandering, cure me of my perfectionistic tendencies way, and I really like the end result! I played around with block placement on three matching throw pillow tops, but haven’t gotten them quilted yet. I’ve already started my next project…this one uses browns and pinks and two fabrics that I really, really wish I had bought more of.



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