Finish #84 – With Christmas in His Heart (Plus that exciting news I mentioned previously !)


Let’s begin with the exciting news at which I previously hinted! We’ve gained a new family member. Beatrice the guinea pig came to live with us two Sundays ago. We adopted her from a rescue organization. (I didn’t know they had rodent rescues!) She’s three years old and just the sweetest girl. She’s making friends with the cats (Don’t worry, they are old, lazy, well-fed, and retired from “mousing” years ago and, therefore, have zero interest in making her their dinner.), and Luna the dog finds her amusing to watch. Beatrice enjoys toting her “pigloo” around her cage on her back, making her seem a bit turtle-like. With her adoption, we have now become outnumbered by our pets. This could end badly for us. They could revolt, cage us, and take over the house! Middle daughter who got this whole adoption process going and claims Beatrice as “hers” is totally thrilled to have her finally living with us.

Check out this photo of Bell and Beatrice chilling on the couch together. Awwww!


Now on to the book…

The Christmas season is upon us, so a Christmas novel seemed to be in order. Finish #84 is With Christmas in His Heart by Gail Gaymer Martin. I pulled this one off my bookshelf, this book having come to be in my presence after my mom purchased it at a used bookstore for a seriously small amount of coins. Probably something like 20 cents. She read it and passed it on to me. We used to do this a lot. Now my reading tastes have diverged quite significantly from hers, so we don’t trade books back and forth like we used to do. Plus, I rarely even buy a book anymore having come to prefer the free ones from the library, ergo no books to trade.

DSCN1928.JPGThis book can be summed up with the word, “MEH.” It was okay. I don’t want to insult the author, but it just wasn’t for me. It was set on Mackinac Island, which is interesting to me, since it is a real place that I’ve actually visited, but the plot and characters left me wanting and, frankly, a little annoyed. There was just a vibe that bothered me. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was, but it was there nonetheless.

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