Finish #83 – Angus

DSCN1926.JPGLuna, the dog who should be an internet sensation but isn’t, has been up to some antics again.

A few nights ago we took her for a walk. See that cute red coat (one of the few articles of clothing available in her size…I fear she and other dogs of large size are being discriminated against by dog clothing manufacturers. Should I launch a formal complaint?!) she’s got on in the picture? I put that on her before her walk. She left the house with it on. We got almost all the way home. She ran in front of us. I asked her, “Luna, where’s your coat?” Hubby suggested that she hadn’t had it on when she left the house. We returned home. The coat wasn’t there. We had to walk the whole walk again in the dark and cold to retrieve it from where she had left it…nearly halfway around the “loop” that we walk most nights.

I must say, Luna looked a little bit salty when we returned home. I don’t think she was all that tickled to have to go on TWO walks in the dark and cold. One is plenty for her. This was made evident by her when she kept trying to head back home as we started out for walk #2.

Finish #83 is a doggy story. A doggy story should be happy, right? I should have known when I saw the words “A Memoir” on the cover that it might not end in a happy way. Angus by Charles Siebert did, indeed, not have a happy ending. It was a story, told from the viewpoint of Angus as he’s lying, injured, waiting for his owners to find him. He tells how he came to be with his owners. He gives us insight into what might go on in a dog’s mind. I was rooting for Angus to be okay, thinking how it would be if Luna were going through a similar situation. I was left disappointed. (I don’t believe I’m spoiling anything by telling you that Angus dies. After all, it does say “A Memoir” on the cover.)dscn1927

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