Finish #82 – The Cold Dish


It’s a Longmire book (by Craig Johnson) and a Luna dog! If you recall, we’ve become quite the fans of the Longmire television series. We’ve made it through three seasons in less than a month. Can we say “addiction?!” I’m off to the library tonight to see if I can get season 4. Season 3 left us with our mouths hanging open. Don’t worry, if you haven’t seen it, you won’t get a spoiler from me.

I would not recommend reading the Longmire books while binge-watching the television series. I was so confused. I was getting the plot of the book all mixed up with the plot of the episodes we were watching. What I found interesting is that I could see the plot of about 4 different episodes having come right out of the first book. Hubby is reading another Longmire book, and he taunted me with a little tidbit which has me anxious to read that one, too.

There were some differences between the book and the television show. I probably should have read the books first. It always annoys me when books and shows/movies don’t line up. For example, Ferg in the book is older than Ferg in the television show. He’s also married, whereas TV Ferg is single. I’m pretty certain that “Turk” from the book is “Branch” in the television series.

I’ll definitely read more Longmire books. This one, The Cold Dish, was the first novel in the series.

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