Finish #81 – Apprentice Father

Once again I’ve gotten a bit behind with posting! Who can blame me, though, with the busyness of the holidays? I hope your Thanksgiving was full of family and good food. Ours did not go off quite as planned. Throw a sick kid into the holidays, and plans can quickly change.

My parents were supposed to spend the day with us. We had a chicken purchased (to appease the meat eaters and, unfortunately, annoy the vegan), the stuffing was mixed, and the world’s ugliest pie crusts had been made and baked into pecan pie (yum) and sweet potato pie (double yum). The mashed potatoes and rolls were being brought by our guests.

The rolls ended up being handed off several miles down the road, since a grandson with a sore throat and fever had not been part of the grandparents’ plan for the day. I whipped up some mashed potatoes, and we went ahead and enjoyed our meal.

Now I’m left hoping that no one else comes down with whatever he had. Eldest has been feeling iffy. I’m pushing vitamin C and nagging about earlier bedtimes! Lysol wipes have attacked surfaces son may have touched. We’ll see what happens.

I finished book #81, Apprentice Father by Irene Hannon, over the weekend. This was one of those “quickie” books. In other words, a book chosen for my ability to read through it quickly because the year is almost up and I’ve got a lot of reading to do. You’ll probably see a lot of those over the next couple of weeks. Plus, this book has been hanging out on my bookshelf for ages.

It was pretty good. You never know what you’re going to get with a romance novel/inspirational romance novel. The story could be well written, or it could be awful. Eldest asked me if this was one of those “racy” novels. I said, “No, it’s a Christian romance.” She said, “So they get married before it gets racy.” To which I replied. “There’s nothing ‘racy’ in the book.”



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