Finish #80 – The Christmas Candle

Something exciting is going to happen here in a few weeks. It’s a secret, but for now I will tell you that middle daughter has been hard at work on the sewing machine. She’s finding out just how much work goes into handmade projects. She’s seen me make clothes (when they were younger), quilts, and various other crafty things her whole life, but I don’t think she appreciated until this week just how much time goes into producing something. Stay tuned for an update once the secret can come out!DSCN1905.JPG

Here I go again…reading another “Christmas” book before Thanksgiving has passed. (But, then again, I’ve already put Christmas lights in the shrubs and have been plugging them in for the past two weeks, so I’ve already rushed the season!)

Finish #80 is The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado. What an enjoyable story with a great lesson. Apparently, there’s a movie version. Guess what I’ll be looking for?!

So, a few posts ago, I mentioned our affinity for the Longmire television series and how I had heard that there were Longmire books. I found a large selection of them at the library, checked out three, and am working my way through the first one while Hubby reads another one. The verdict is still out on whether we are as big of fans of the books as we are of the television series. I’ll keep you posted.

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