Finish #79 – The Only Piece of Furniture in the House

DSCN1906.JPGI recently read a book by Diane Glancy titled Flutie. It was an unusual little book, so I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up The Only Piece of Furniture in the House (Finish #79). Would it be unusual like Flutie? Or would the characters be completely normal, doing normal things?

Nope. Not normal, or at least not totally normal. The unusual was in there. This time the unusual took the form of angels that the main character, Rachel, seemed to see hovering around her family.

I must admit that I almost didn’t read past the first few pages. I’m glad I kept reading, though, because it ended up being an interesting story about a girl so tied to her mama’s apron strings that she struggles with adjusting to life with her husband. Amid the small amount of pages, the couple deals with this, as well as health issues arising from the birth of their only child and troubles in their marriage. There was a lot of “meat” packed into this small book.

Strangely,  I seem to find that the smallest books seem to have the most “meat” in them, the most meaning, the best lessons.



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