Finish #78 – Thrill Me

This past weekend was a weekend of contrast. The contrast being between fun and drudgery. Saturday was spent cleaning the carpet. That was the drudgery. How is it possible for carpet to get so dirty when we don’t wear our shoes in the house, we wipe the dog’s feet every time we let her back inside, and we don’t have a habit of spilling stuff on the floor? It is a great, disgusting mystery.

And it really makes me want to rip up all the carpet!

On Sunday we went for a walk in the woods in pursuit of a waterfall we’ve seen there before. That was the fun part of the weekend. Unfortunately, the waterfall must only appear after heavy rains or in the spring when the ice and snow are melting, because we didn’t find it.

So, while I was having the fun and doing the drudgery, what I wasn’t doing was writing posts about the books I’ve read. Now I have to play catch-up. (And pay a fine at the library for having an overdue book because I didn’t want to take it back until I had written about it!)

DSCN1907.JPGFinish #78 is Thrill Me by Susan Mallery. Yes, another Susan Mallery book, and, as usual, I enjoyed it. While I’m not much for “fluff” (as my fifth grade teacher referred to books without much “meat” in them, thus lowering my opinion of her at a time in my life when I thought Babysitters Club books were great works of literature) anymore, I still enjoy a well-written romance now and then. I think Susan Mallery knows how to write a romance. I enjoy the sometimes quirky characters in her Fool’s Gold romances, and the storylines are enjoyable also.

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