Finish #75 – Eyes of Fire

I bought a Bosu on Sunday. If you have no idea what that is, think “exercise ball cut in half.” Sort of. It actually reminds me of those Pogo balls from the 80s, minus the bottom ball. It’s got a hard bottom surface and a squishy ball top. Here’s a photo:


All the exercises that I’d seen involving the Bosu had people standing on them, working their core to balance, and lifting weights at the same time. It looked so easy…

Not so. Not so. This thing came with a few DVDs, and I worked through half of one and part of another one, and I was sweating and panting, and bouncing all over that thing. Up and down, side to side, jumping on it. Holy Toledo! There was nothing easy about that. Then there were burpees…the absolute worst exercise ever invented by some insane person. But even though it was rough and the muscles were on fire, it was fun.

Speaking of things that are on fire…

dscn1876Finish #75 is Eyes of Fire by Heather Graham Pozzessere. (What happened to that last name on future books. Did she just drop it because no one could begin to pronounce it?)

I’d give this book an “okay” rating. Maybe two “sideways thumbs,” to use a rating that my kids would use for something that was just “okay.”



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