Finish #74 – Best of My Love


Tis the season of turkeys and pilgrims. I finally got that fancy lady on the right up on the wall in honor of the season. It may not feel like it outside, but Thanksgiving is coming.

We had such a nice weekend. The weather was phenomenal and not at all like typical northern Michigan fall weather. We hit the 60s on Sunday and enjoyed a long walk in the woods. Saturday afternoon was spent seeing Dr. Strange at the theater with Hubby and eldest daughter. (Middle daughter prefers DC comic films and did not want to go, and, for some strange reason, son did not want to come along either.) We laugh when people see Marvel movies at the theater and leave before the credits are over. (If you’re one of those people, and, hey, I was one once too, you’ll miss a couple extra scenes if you don’t stick it out for the entire credits.)

I’ve been a reading machine over the past few days, and now I’ll be playing catch-up with the blog over the next few days since I was too busy over the weekend relaxing and having fun to do any writing. I’ve had to turn into a reading machine, spending several hours in the evening zipping through stories, so I have a hope of reaching my goal.


Finish #74, Best of My Love, is another Susan Mallery book. I haven’t read any of hers in awhile. Usually I find them on the “new” rack at the library or with the large print books. I happened to think that maybe I should check in the regular print fiction area to see if I’d been missing out on anything new. AND I HAD! I found three that I hadn’t read. I checked out the two that are set in Fool’s Gold, as I’ve become fond of the characters in that town. I’ll save that third book, set somewhere else, for later. As usual, I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the characters.



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