Finish #73 – Dog

DSCN1872.JPGI had high hopes for finish #73, Dog by Michelle Herman. Look at the doggy on the cover. So cute. Not as cute as my Luna, the dog that should be an internet sensation but isn’t. (See photo below to compare. Photo credit to middle daughter.) But still, this little puppy had me anticipating a book full of adorable puppy antics.

There were a few antics, mainly when Phil, the dog, was on a walk, but what I got more of was a main character who seemed to drink alcohol way too much and ruminate on her life and lack of love to the point where I found myself getting depressed. I actually found it difficult to finish reading this novel. I kept hoping for something more. Page after page, I thought, “Perhaps she’ll find love. Maybe the guy that fostered the puppy will end up being the one.” But no. Spoiler alert: She doesn’t end up with him. She doesn’t end up with anyone other than Phil the dog.

I think my problem was that I was expecting something along the lines of that book by Jennifer Crusie. That one I wrote about earlier this year. The one I liked so much that I’ve read it three times. The one with Fred the dog. Anyone But You. But Dog was nothing like that. Thus, I was disappointed.

Here’s my Luna. Perhaps I should write a book with her as the star. There would be plenty of adorable antics to include.



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