Finish #72 – The Bachelor’s Cat

DSCN1873.JPGWe have four cats. Yes, four. I know, it’s a shocking amount of cats. We never planned to have four. It just happened.

There was a trip to the shelter 15 years ago where we saw two brothers in a cage together, and Hubby said, “We can’t separate them.” (Or something to that effect, which was quite astonishing, as he was adamant that we would NOT be getting more than one cat that day.) So we took them both. Thus, Buster and BooBoo came to live with us.

Fast forward a few years. Hubby comes home from work with a story about how a mamma cat had kittens at “the shop.” Cat Scrooge, aka Boss, was planning to send them to the shelter. Several members of the family took to our knees to beg, “Please, please let us bring them here…or at least some of them…like two???” So two of the five came here, the other three went elsewhere, and thus Belle and Rosie became part of the family.

The early days of Belle and Rosie were filled with bottle feedings, burpings (yes, you can burp a cat), and a couple of disgruntled older boys who weren’t too fond of these tiny interlopers.

Now, 11 years later, all cats live in relative harmony, and Grandma still has trouble telling them apart. Really, it’s not as if they look alike. Sure, they are all black and white, but Buster has a black blotch on his chin, BooBoo has only one black eye, Belle has a white tip on her tail, and Rosie…well, Rosie looks almost perpetually grouchy (even when she’s happy).

So, being a cat fan, it shouldn’t be surprising that I grabbed a book with “cat” in the title off the shelf at the library.

Finish #72, The Bachelor’s Cat by L.F. Hoffman, was another quick little book. I read through this one in just over an hour.

According to a definition in the back of the book, a bachelor’s cat is “a person, pet, or preoccupation that enters a man’s life and eases his transition to commitment…” In this story, the bachelor’s cat was, indeed, a cat.

I must say that I was not a fan of the bachelor at the beginning of the book. I actually wasn’t a fan of him through most of the story. But the story turned out fine in the end, so I suppose that’s what matters!


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