Finish #71 – The Girl on the Train

DSCN1870.JPGI’m thrilled to share my newest completed project: a table runner. It’s difficult to see in the picture on the left, but the center of those stars have sheep in them! Yes, sheep! They are so cute. I was glad to finally have a use for them. I’ve got plenty of that adorable fabric left to use in some other project. I can’t wait to find another place to put them!

I’m a little nervous about putting this runner on the table. I’m having visions of spaghetti sauce splattered all over that white fabric. (And it would probably be me that got it on there!)

DSCN1871.JPGFinish #71 is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. No, I did not just “discover” this book now that it’s a movie. I did not even realize it was going to be a movie when I first saw the book in Barnes and Noble in September. I just happened to be walking by the “suspense” section and the title caught my eye. I picked the book up, read the back cover, was intrigued, and typed a memo to myself of the title into my phone with the intention of seeing if the library had a copy.

Then I discovered that it was going to be a movie.

And I discovered that everyone else wanted to read this book at the same time as me, because they must have heard that it was going to be a movie. It took a few weeks for a copy to become available.

I enjoyed the book, but I was a bit annoyed that every character was so annoying. The main character was a drunk, her ex was a jerk, his new wife was a jerk, the missing gal had plenty of issues, AND HER husband was a jerk. Jeez, couldn’t someone be totally NORMAL? It truly was not what I was expecting. I’ll watch the movie (when I can get it either free from the library or cheap at the video store), but I wonder if I’ll be as disappointed in this movie as I was with Gone Girl when I watched it.


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