Finish #70 – The Deadly Dance

DSCN1862.JPGWhere did October go?

I had grand plans of reading mysteries during October. I read one. So much for grand plans! Finish #70 is The Deadly Dance by M.C. Beaton.

The Deadly Dance is an Agatha Raisin mystery. I’m a fan of Agatha Raisin. I’ve read several mysteries by M.C. Beaton in which Agatha is the “heroine.” I’m not certain why I’m a fan of Agatha Raisin. She’s a rather prickly character, not at all possessing any characteristics that would make one fond of her. I actually think I feel quite sorry for her. Perhaps that’s why I keep coming back for more. I’m waiting for Agatha to have a “win” in life, in some part of her life that doesn’t revolve around a mystery that needs to be solved.

Now that it’s November, I need to turn my attention to the approaching holidays. The kids are already starting to drop hints about what they want for Christmas. Middle daughter has done more than drop hints. She’s created a Wish List on Amazon for us to use as a guide. How thoughtful! (Actually, I do find this to be helpful.) Son has been talking about RAM and graphics cards for some time. Yikes! I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about half the time and will need him to actually do any ordering of any of that stuff that he wants for Christmas on his own. Eldest never seems to know what she wants. I guess that’s a sign that she’s content with what she has.

But it’s not just Christmas that’s on my mind. Actually, it’s not really on my mind at all yet. I’m not ready for trees, presents, lights, or Christmas music. I’ve got to get thinking about Thanksgiving. More specifically, I’ve got to figure out how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner that will appease an almost vegan, a mostly vegetarian, and three who would probably prefer the full meaty works. It’s definitely going to be a challenge!







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