Finish #83 – Angus

DSCN1926.JPGLuna, the dog who should be an internet sensation but isn’t, has been up to some antics again.

A few nights ago we took her for a walk. See that cute red coat (one of the few articles of clothing available in her size…I fear she and other dogs of large size are being discriminated against by dog clothing manufacturers. Should I launch a formal complaint?!) she’s got on in the picture? I put that on her before her walk. She left the house with it on. We got almost all the way home. She ran in front of us. I asked her, “Luna, where’s your coat?” Hubby suggested that she hadn’t had it on when she left the house. We returned home. The coat wasn’t there. We had to walk the whole walk again in the dark and cold to retrieve it from where she had left it…nearly halfway around the “loop” that we walk most nights.

I must say, Luna looked a little bit salty when we returned home. I don’t think she was all that tickled to have to go on TWO walks in the dark and cold. One is plenty for her. This was made evident by her when she kept trying to head back home as we started out for walk #2.

Finish #83 is a doggy story. A doggy story should be happy, right? I should have known when I saw the words “A Memoir” on the cover that it might not end in a happy way. Angus by Charles Siebert did, indeed, not have a happy ending. It was a story, told from the viewpoint of Angus as he’s lying, injured, waiting for his owners to find him. He tells how he came to be with his owners. He gives us insight into what might go on in a dog’s mind. I was rooting for Angus to be okay, thinking how it would be if Luna were going through a similar situation. I was left disappointed. (I don’t believe I’m spoiling anything by telling you that Angus dies. After all, it does say “A Memoir” on the cover.)dscn1927


Finish #82 – The Cold Dish


It’s a Longmire book (by Craig Johnson) and a Luna dog! If you recall, we’ve become quite the fans of the Longmire television series. We’ve made it through three seasons in less than a month. Can we say “addiction?!” I’m off to the library tonight to see if I can get season 4. Season 3 left us with our mouths hanging open. Don’t worry, if you haven’t seen it, you won’t get a spoiler from me.

I would not recommend reading the Longmire books while binge-watching the television series. I was so confused. I was getting the plot of the book all mixed up with the plot of the episodes we were watching. What I found interesting is that I could see the plot of about 4 different episodes having come right out of the first book. Hubby is reading another Longmire book, and he taunted me with a little tidbit which has me anxious to read that one, too.

There were some differences between the book and the television show. I probably should have read the books first. It always annoys me when books and shows/movies don’t line up. For example, Ferg in the book is older than Ferg in the television show. He’s also married, whereas TV Ferg is single. I’m pretty certain that “Turk” from the book is “Branch” in the television series.

I’ll definitely read more Longmire books. This one, The Cold Dish, was the first novel in the series.

Finish #81 – Apprentice Father

Once again I’ve gotten a bit behind with posting! Who can blame me, though, with the busyness of the holidays? I hope your Thanksgiving was full of family and good food. Ours did not go off quite as planned. Throw a sick kid into the holidays, and plans can quickly change.

My parents were supposed to spend the day with us. We had a chicken purchased (to appease the meat eaters and, unfortunately, annoy the vegan), the stuffing was mixed, and the world’s ugliest pie crusts had been made and baked into pecan pie (yum) and sweet potato pie (double yum). The mashed potatoes and rolls were being brought by our guests.

The rolls ended up being handed off several miles down the road, since a grandson with a sore throat and fever had not been part of the grandparents’ plan for the day. I whipped up some mashed potatoes, and we went ahead and enjoyed our meal.

Now I’m left hoping that no one else comes down with whatever he had. Eldest has been feeling iffy. I’m pushing vitamin C and nagging about earlier bedtimes! Lysol wipes have attacked surfaces son may have touched. We’ll see what happens.

I finished book #81, Apprentice Father by Irene Hannon, over the weekend. This was one of those “quickie” books. In other words, a book chosen for my ability to read through it quickly because the year is almost up and I’ve got a lot of reading to do. You’ll probably see a lot of those over the next couple of weeks. Plus, this book has been hanging out on my bookshelf for ages.

It was pretty good. You never know what you’re going to get with a romance novel/inspirational romance novel. The story could be well written, or it could be awful. Eldest asked me if this was one of those “racy” novels. I said, “No, it’s a Christian romance.” She said, “So they get married before it gets racy.” To which I replied. “There’s nothing ‘racy’ in the book.”



Finish #80 – The Christmas Candle

Something exciting is going to happen here in a few weeks. It’s a secret, but for now I will tell you that middle daughter has been hard at work on the sewing machine. She’s finding out just how much work goes into handmade projects. She’s seen me make clothes (when they were younger), quilts, and various other crafty things her whole life, but I don’t think she appreciated until this week just how much time goes into producing something. Stay tuned for an update once the secret can come out!DSCN1905.JPG

Here I go again…reading another “Christmas” book before Thanksgiving has passed. (But, then again, I’ve already put Christmas lights in the shrubs and have been plugging them in for the past two weeks, so I’ve already rushed the season!)

Finish #80 is The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado. What an enjoyable story with a great lesson. Apparently, there’s a movie version. Guess what I’ll be looking for?!

So, a few posts ago, I mentioned our affinity for the Longmire television series and how I had heard that there were Longmire books. I found a large selection of them at the library, checked out three, and am working my way through the first one while Hubby reads another one. The verdict is still out on whether we are as big of fans of the books as we are of the television series. I’ll keep you posted.

Finish #79 – The Only Piece of Furniture in the House

DSCN1906.JPGI recently read a book by Diane Glancy titled Flutie. It was an unusual little book, so I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up The Only Piece of Furniture in the House (Finish #79). Would it be unusual like Flutie? Or would the characters be completely normal, doing normal things?

Nope. Not normal, or at least not totally normal. The unusual was in there. This time the unusual took the form of angels that the main character, Rachel, seemed to see hovering around her family.

I must admit that I almost didn’t read past the first few pages. I’m glad I kept reading, though, because it ended up being an interesting story about a girl so tied to her mama’s apron strings that she struggles with adjusting to life with her husband. Amid the small amount of pages, the couple deals with this, as well as health issues arising from the birth of their only child and troubles in their marriage. There was a lot of “meat” packed into this small book.

Strangely,  I seem to find that the smallest books seem to have the most “meat” in them, the most meaning, the best lessons.



Finish #78 – Thrill Me

This past weekend was a weekend of contrast. The contrast being between fun and drudgery. Saturday was spent cleaning the carpet. That was the drudgery. How is it possible for carpet to get so dirty when we don’t wear our shoes in the house, we wipe the dog’s feet every time we let her back inside, and we don’t have a habit of spilling stuff on the floor? It is a great, disgusting mystery.

And it really makes me want to rip up all the carpet!

On Sunday we went for a walk in the woods in pursuit of a waterfall we’ve seen there before. That was the fun part of the weekend. Unfortunately, the waterfall must only appear after heavy rains or in the spring when the ice and snow are melting, because we didn’t find it.

So, while I was having the fun and doing the drudgery, what I wasn’t doing was writing posts about the books I’ve read. Now I have to play catch-up. (And pay a fine at the library for having an overdue book because I didn’t want to take it back until I had written about it!)

DSCN1907.JPGFinish #78 is Thrill Me by Susan Mallery. Yes, another Susan Mallery book, and, as usual, I enjoyed it. While I’m not much for “fluff” (as my fifth grade teacher referred to books without much “meat” in them, thus lowering my opinion of her at a time in my life when I thought Babysitters Club books were great works of literature) anymore, I still enjoy a well-written romance now and then. I think Susan Mallery knows how to write a romance. I enjoy the sometimes quirky characters in her Fool’s Gold romances, and the storylines are enjoyable also.

Finish #77 – Twelve Days of Christmas

DSCN1877.JPGI must say that I’m not a huge fan of Debbie Macomber’s books. A big “sorry” to Ms. Macomber and all of her fans, but that’s just the way it is.

I will admit that I got hooked on those books she wrote awhile ago that were all titled with addresses. I can’t recall what the name of the series was, but I must have read at least ten of them before finally stopping. But, for the most part, I’m just not a fan.

But I saw this one, Twelve Days of Christmas, and it was (obviously) Christmassy, and I was ready for something Christmassy (despite the fact that we haven’t passed Thanksgiving yet), so I checked it out. It was okay. I think what I don’t like in Ms. Macomber’s books is that the characters behave strangely. They just don’t seem like normal people. I can’t explain it. I don’t know if it’s the way they talk, their actions, or what. It’s all just not normal.

To be fair, I did like the idea of killing someone with kindness that was presented in the story. I’m certain most of us have heard that expression. It got me thinking about who I would like to “kill with kindness.” Then I realized that I’m usually kind, but if a person annoys me, I’d prefer to stay away rather than find ways to engage (kindly or not) with them. Perhaps that’s not the best attitude, but…{imagine me shrugging here}. Judge me harshly if you must. I can take it.

Enough about that. I’m excited right now that I’m nearing the end of a quilting project. I’m looking forward to being able to share photos of my latest project in (hopefully) a few more days. (That would be a few as in a hopefully less than 30.) The quilting is taking some time. I’m doing this all over meandering quilting that is best done in small doses as it makes my wrists hurt to do it for any longer. I’ve also started a new project that has me excited to get back to my sewing room when time allows. I love having lots of unfinished projects!