Finish #69 – The Dream Room

DSCN1858.JPGI’m so thankful for middle daughter right now and her willingness to get outside and rake leaves…without being asked. This year we’ll have fewer leaves since hubby removed several beech trees from in front of the house (as a preventative measure since there is some strange beech disease that causes them to fall over without any warning). But we still have a ton of leaves. And when I say a “ton,” I mean a ton. As in they would weigh a ton if we were somehow able to get them all in one place. One year it took me at least 10 hours to move them, and that was with the assistance of a leaf blower.  For years we did it the old-fashioned way–with a rake. Oh, the aching arms!

Funny story, one year son dug a hole in the “yard.” It was a big hole. The leaves fell. I was out using the leaf blower. I forgot about the hole. Guess who ended up in the hole? It’s funny now. Not so funny then.

But enough about leaves…

Finish #69, The Dream Room by Marcel Moring, is another one of those “shorties” that I picked up at the library. This one took just a couple of hours to read. The story tells how the course of one boy’s life is altered by events that took place when he was a child. You have to read between the lines a bit to understand exactly what is happening because you are seeing the dissolution of a marriage and a family through the eyes of a twelve year old. I must say that the last chapter left me a bit confused, as it took place in a setting similar to the beginning of the story…so similar, in fact, that I believed it to be the same place and time. It was only after I continued reading that I realized I was reading about the twelve year old boy as an adult.



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