Finish #68 -What I Did For Love


Yet another Susan Elizabeth Phillips book. Finish #68 is What I Did For Love. What can I say? I enjoy her stories. I believe this is the fifth book that she’s written that I have read this year. I’m just making my way right through whatever of hers the library has to offer.

My favorite characters in the story were not the main two. I really liked the grouchy housekeeper and the personal assistant, Chaz and Aaron. I was hoping to find that they were going to be given their very own book with their very own story, but my hopes were dashed when I read the epilogue. It seemed like their story got summed up there. I googled those characters, hoping to find a book with them in it, but no luck. Bummer. I’m pouting over that!

What I’m not pouting about is that eldest daughter received a scholarship offer for full tuition at her chosen college. Whoo hoo! Now to figure out how to get room and board covered!

I’m also not pouting over beating a personal best time for a five mile run. I knocked almost six minutes off my time last week! Then I beat another record for a shorter run this week. Is it me? Is it the new treadmill? I don’t know. But if I go much faster, I’ll have flames coming off my shoes. (Ha…not really. I never run much faster than 6.5 mph. I blame my short legs for my lack of speed.)

Speaking of running, middle daughter and I took Luna for a run earlier this week. I needed a hoodie, a winter hat, and gloves. My toes were frozen, as were my spandex-clad legs. These colder fall temps are making me thankful for warm soup, flannel sheets, and wool socks!



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