Finish #66 – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

IMAG0838.jpgThere’s been more excitement around here. And not the good kind. Eldest’s lemony-lemon of a used car has had another problem. Thankfully, she and siblings were almost home when the thingamajig (I am so not a mechanic.) broke. She was able to get the car up the driveway and into the yard. It’s going to take a tow truck to get it to the dealership for repairs. Thank goodness we’ve got AAA. (Can I get some sort of compensation from them for that free advertising??) It seems that every single year we need a tow. That just happens to be included in the cost of membership. One tow would cost us more than the membership, so I think we are coming out on top in this relationship. (See all those good things I’m saying, AAA!) Her car looks so sad, sitting in the yard, back tire leaning at a near 45 degree angle. And eldest is now back to requiring the use of Mom/Dad Taxi Service to get to work and college. That is not convenient for anyone!


As dollars fly out of our pockets for car repairs, so do pages fly through my fingers as I attempt to get closer to my goal. Time is running out, and I’m still a little behind. Finish #66 is Smoke Gets in You Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory by Caitlin Doughty. (See Luna modeling next to the book below!)

DSCN1788.JPGYes, this seems like a morbid book to read. Yes, there were disgusting bits. Yes, some of those disgusting bits actually made me laugh out loud. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have?!) One thing I have learned from reading this book, as well as I book that I read last year on a similar topic, I absolutely do not want to be embalmed. Sorry, funeral industry, you won’t be making much money on me. I’d actually prefer a Viking burial. But, if that’s not an option, I’ll go for cremation. Or whatever is cheapest and doesn’t involve much handling by strangers. Hey, death happens to us all. It’s good to have a plan.

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