Finish #65 – Fool Me Once

DSCN1781.JPGLook what I found! Eldest daughter wanted me to go “antiquing” with her the other day. I don’t buy a lot of things to just set around the house since we have plenty of things already. We saw the cat on the left, and she insisted that I buy it. Seriously. She insisted. Quite strongly. You see, cat on the right has been a fixture in our home forever. That cat was purchased at a garage sale I went to with my grandma when I was a little kid. (Probably cost a dollar, whereas cat on the left cost me $15.) Once we saw cat on the left, though, we thought it would look so nice on the fireplace mantel right next to our other one.

But enough about the cats.

DSCN1779.JPGFinish #65 was an audiobook, Fool Me Once, by Harlan Coben. The library will be leaving me a scary message soon, as Fool Me Once is now overdue by a few days. (I’ve had it for nine weeks, I say with shame written all over my face.) In my defense, I only listen to audiobooks when I’m sewing, and I haven’t had a lot of time to sew lately. Since listening time has been slim, hubby and I listened to one disc while playing scrabble. (I won…by a lot…over a hundred points…that never happens, so I feel compelled to brag.) We finished up the final disc on the day we drove up to the corn maze with the kiddos. Thirteen-year-old son was listening with us. He stated, shocked, “She’s going to kill someone.” Perhaps it wasn’t wise to listen to it in the car!

I’m going to give this book one thumb up and one thumb down. I enjoyed it until the end. You’ll have to read it…or listen to it…to understand my displeasure with how it all turned out.

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