Finish #61 – I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree

P9181820.JPGAutumn is rapidly descending upon us, bringing pretty leaves, cool nights, and work. There’s so much fall work…picking the last of the veggies in the garden, clearing out dead and dying plants (so sad to see the Brown-eyed Susans go after enjoying them for weeks), giving the windows a wash before winter (my least favorite chore), and stacking firewood. Soon to come will be my other “favorite” chore: raking leaves. I like raking leaves…for about an hour. Anything more than an hour, like the other nine that I usually spend at it, and it’s just, well, a Chore (with a capital C).  I attempt to put a positive spin on it and call it “exercise,” but I’d much rather be running or doing push-ups.

Wait…no! Scratch that. Not push-ups. Never push-ups. Running yes. Push-ups no.

Autumn has been bringing on other thing, too: rain, rain, and more rain. I fear that I will have to set aside my books and start building an ark.

But in the meantime…

Here I go again, reading yet another  book about the Holocaust. Each time I read a book about this horrific time in history, I continue to be perplexed as to how society could allow such atrocities to occur. I also never cease to be amazed at the strength of the people who survived. This book, Finish #61, is titled I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree. Written by Laura Hillman, it is a memoir of her time spent in eight different labor and concentration camps before becoming one of the Jews saved by Schindler. I read this touching and heartbreaking story in one sitting.



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