Finish #59 – Stars of Fortune

P9121816.JPGSee those pumpkins in the picture? We grew those. I’m so proud! So far there are five mini ones that we’ve picked and there two more in the garden. I think that minis must be the way to go for us, as we’ve not had any luck in the past with bigger ones. Our garden also produced one watermelon. I’m not so proud of that…it was miniscule. We’ve already enjoyed two spaghetti squash, and there are several more in the garden. I dug up quite a few smallish sweet potatoes…our first ones ever. They were yummy. The beans are pretty much done, and all I can say is, “Thank goodness!” Beans, beans, and more beans…ALL SUMMER LONG. Since beans grow so well for us, we plant a ton. Picking, washing, blanching, freezing, repeat. It’s taken awhile, but we are finally figuring out what grows well for us, and what doesn’t. I guess I should be thankful that beans are one of the veggies that grow well…heaven forbid if the only thing we could grow was okra. (No offense to okra lovers out there. I’m just not a fan.)

As the garden season is winding down, other things are just getting started. I’m back to my September-May jobs. Eldest daughter is back to her dual enrollment classes at a local college. She took five classes last year. This year she’ll take six. (The goal is to have a year of credits completed before she graduates from high school and transfers to another college.) In all the busyness of doing my normal stuff, plus my jobs, plus trekking wherever a kid needs to be whenever they need to be there, I’m hoping I can squeeze in plenty of time to finish the remaining 41 books this year to reach my goal. (As I laid in bed last night being nearly smothered by Rosie cat who decided my shoulder, arm, and head were a perfect place to purr away the wee hours of the morning, I calculated that I’ve got a lot of books to read over the next three months!)

As for finish #59, Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts, what can I really say. It’s a Nora Roberts book…I’ve never read a bad one. This one was no exception. There was a moment within the first couple of pages where I was maybe thinking, “This might be difficult to get into.” I’m not really all that into reading stories about goddesses or other supernatural things. Once I got into the story, though, I was hooked. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the availability of book two in this trilogy at the library.


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