Finish #58 -The Way Life Should Be

P9041813.JPGI can’t believe that my favorite season, autumn, is upon us! I love those crisp fall nights, with the windows open so the breeze can roll in, with a homemade quilt or knitted blanket draped across my lap, with wool socks on my feet! Love it, love it, love it! (Don’t much like what follows fall, but on the plus side, that season brings fires in the fireplace, so the trudging through slushy parking lots, snow-blowing mountains of snow, and astronomical heating bills are almost worth it…almost.)

The sad thing about fall is that our favorite ice cream shop will be closing for the season, leaving my girls without a job for a few months and me without my weekly (or twice weekly if I’m lucky) fix of peanut-buttery, cookie dough-laced goodness.

And speaking of food…

Finish #58, The Way Life Should Be by Christina Baker Kline, has lots of food in it. I was nearly salivating whenever the characters were talking about or cooking food. I also enjoyed the storyline and loved Nonna (the main character’s grandmother). I could hardly put this book down and was glad I was stuck riding in a car (on our way to and from a niece’s wedding) with no responsibilities pressing on me and plenty of time to indulge in long periods of reading.

Now that the wedding is behind us, we are looking forward to a stretch of time with no travel. I’m certain that Luna, the dog who should be an Internet sensation but isn’t, is also looking forward to a stretch of time where she doesn’t have to go visit her “friends” at the kennel. Poor thing has been there three times in the past three months. And the cats, especially old man Buster who follows me around like a shadow, are sure to be happy that their routine will be back to normal…even if normal means the dog has to be there! Do you know what a hotel room feels like with five people in it? Let me paint a more descriptive picture: five people, one bathroom, two air mattresses – because no kid wants to share a bed with another kid, furniture moved all around to accommodate those two air mattresses, luggage…I’d almost prefer the solitude of an empty cage at the kennel! I so appreciate home where we can all spread out.

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