Finish #57 – The Truth Seeker

P9041815.JPGThis past weekend I was able to spend quite a long time leisurely browsing through Barnes and Noble and was thrilled to find the cookbook Forks Over Knives which seems to have many tasty sounding recipes in it that will, hopefully, appeal to our mostly vegan middle daughter. (Hopefully the recipes will also appeal to the other two kids who like to complain about the lack of meat in their diet.) We’ve dabbled in vegetarianism off and on, being mostly vegetarian when the kids were young, delved back into meat eating later on, and have now been mostly off meat since middle daughter declared over a year ago that she would not be eating meat ever again. The strong will of this kid is a force to be reckoned with, so meat-free we are. Occasionally, mostly at restaurants where meatless options are sadly lacking, we might have something meaty. If middle daughter isn’t with us, we usually say, “Don’t tell the Elf.” Hopefully someone will get that reference.

Anyway, back to the cookbook…I made one recipe last night for dinner and found it to be tasty. Lunch today is a chowder recipe that uses pureed veggies rather than cream to thicken it up. I’m anxious to try it, as it smells delicious and dilly.


The librarians would probably like to have a “library jail” to put me in, as finish #57, Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson, is now overdue!  This story continues where the previous two books I read by her (one last year and one a few weeks ago) left off. I’m really enjoying this series, and look forward to reading the rest of the books.

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