Finish #56 – Dolphin Key

Oh. My. Goodness. We are halfway through September. How is this possible? It was about this time last year when I started to wonder if I would make it through 100 books before the end of December. I’m definitely wondering that again this year. Last year was so much busier, as we were spending hours and hours doing home improvement projects. A memory just popped up on Facebook this morning of Hubby standing on top of the homemade scaffolding we erected in the stairway last year so he could do all the high up painting that I was too much of a wimp to attempt to do. We’ve done some home projects this year but nothing that compares to last year, so I can’t really use that as an excuse for being behind on my reading! (Our most recent project has been to repaint the home office. Hubby picked a darkish shade of blue. I was a little skeptical, as it’s a small room and I didn’t want it to seem small and cave-like when painted, but it turned out really nice. Next up is new paint for the kitchen and family room.)

P8271811.JPGAmidst the busyness of painting and getting back into our fall routine, I finished Dolphin Key by Jon Land. This is finish #56. It’s a short one that took me just a couple days to read, though if you had time, you’d most likely be able to read this one in a few hours. I find that when I hunt for skinny books that are quick to read, I often find some good stories by authors previously unknown to me.

This book focuses on Dolphin Human Therapy. I knew nothing about this prior to picking up the book. Of course I knew that there were touristy places where people can go to swim with dolphins, but I was unaware that dolphins are used to help people with special needs. This story touches on this, while also showing how the dolphins have helped in the lives of the three main characters.

But it can’t just be a feel good book, because every book needs a conflict. This one gives us a couple. Tension exists between a father and daughter, both with troubled pasts. Conflict arises between those who believe that the therapy program is a good thing and those that believe it is animal abuse.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can find by this author. I’m also looking forward to perusing the non-fiction, as it seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve searched that area of the library for something interesting.

This is totally random, but we all need some warm fuzzy kitty pictures in our lives. So here’s one of Buster enjoying his new bed. All he’s missing is some warm sun on his old bones, but the sun is stuck behind a thick layer of gloomy clouds. I couldn’t figure out this morning why he was just wandering around on his tottery old legs, until one of the girls suggested that he was looking for the sun. We all love this old man who turned 15 this year.



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