Finish #55 – Heroes Are My Weakness

Oh my goodness. It’s another book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I don’t know if I’ve made some sort of subconscious decision to read as many of her books as possible this year, but that seems to be what’s happening. I am horribly addicted! Finish #55 is Heroes Are My Weakness.

What can I say about this book other than it was great? It was a fun read. The hero was delightfully flawed with a questionable, perhaps dark, past. The heroine wasn’t fantastically good-looking (which I hate in books because that is so annoying). She was actually quite quirky. The bad guy(s)…let’s just use the word unexpected.


Then there were the puppets. Puppets? Yes, I know that seems just a bit creepy. Have you seen that commercial where the guy and girl are on a first date and he tells her he’s into puppetry, then pulls out a puppet that looks like the girl and starts kissing it? Yes, puppets can be creepy! (Like clowns!) But these puppets seemed to add a lot to the story, and they (and their comments) fit right in.

I have one more book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips waiting in my basket. I’m forcing myself to read something else before I dive into that one.

On another favorite topic…Luna, the dog who should be an internet sensation but isn’t, has had a rough time of it lately. So many struggles!

P3181714.JPGStruggle #1: She injured a foot/toe/something while running up the driveway awhile back. Since she didn’t want to put weight on her foot, we took her to the vet, where she proceeded to put plenty of weight on her foot whilst attempting to head for the door when she got called back for her appointment. Score one for Luna, though, because when the tech came at her with the thermometer, she promptly plopped her backside on the floor. Needless to say, there was no temperature taken that day!

Struggle #2: Walks have been lacking lately. Between the rain and mysterious heavy breathing in the woods, we’ve been unable to get a decent walk in for a few days. I have no clue what was breathing so loudly in the woods, but it made us turn right around. No one wants to encounter a bear. That bear spray we carry is, hopefully, only for show (and will, hopefully, never end up being erroneously sprayed on a human like the last can).

Struggle #3: Whilst out for her morning potty trip, Luna found some wasps/hornets/yellow jackets/evil stinging devil bugs. Crazy biting at the flying buggers and running through the shrubbery did not get that nasty critter off. I, being terrified of evil stinging devil bugs, called for Hubby to handle the situation. My brave man plucked that thing off her back by its wing, tossed it to the porch floor, and punched it. Seriously. He punched it. On the concrete porch floor.

Here’s to hoping that Luna can make it through a week without any new struggles!

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