Finish #53 – The Moon is Down

Labor Day weekend was a busy one for us. We didn’t enjoy a long weekend away, as wisdom teeth extraction, church responsibilities, and home chores kept us either in pain or very busy. (Or both, as in the case of painting the deck!) We built our house 15 years ago and finally got around to painting the deck this weekend. Let me just say, it was a much larger job than I thought! Hours and hours of painting the railing. UGH! Painful knees from kneeling on the floor as we painted. OUCH! But the end result…Love it! (It remains to be seen how much the wisteria vine that was growing through the floor and vining around the railing liked being disturbed and dribbled with paint.)


We also cleaned out the garage…quite possibly the homeowner job I hate the most. Hubby had a really “fun” time cleaning out the floor drain which had filled up with 15 years worth of sludge that wouldn’t allow all the melting water drug in as snow and ice to drain out of the garage this past winter. There will be no slushy floor this year!

It seemed like it was about time for another “classic.” This time I chose The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck. I had no idea that this book had such an impact during World War II. So much impact, in fact, that possession of the book carried the punishment of death in Fascist Italy. Being a book about the impact of war on both the conquered and the conquerors, humanizing both sides when we often don’t want to humanize our enemies, I can see how this book would have been an important one at that time of history.


I have yet to meet a Steinbeck novel that I don’t like. This one is no exception. Prior to reading The Moon is Down, I read Of Mice and Men in junior high and The Grapes of Wrath (a favorite classic) in high school.


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