Finish #51 – An Island Christmas

P8081795.JPGCrazy, right, reading a Christmas book in August? I couldn’t help myself, though, when the wind blowing through the windows started making me think of fall. (That same wind dropped the temperature in the house to a chilly, wool-sock wearing, 66 degrees.) Then there’s the fact that December always goes by so fast that there’s no time for reading all of the Christmas-y novels. So I got an early start on the season.

Finish #51 is An Island Christmas by Nancy Thayer.

Something weird has happened in the past two years since I’ve really branched out into different genres of books. I’m bored, dissatisfied even, with books that don’t have a little more, shall we say, “meat” to them. There wasn’t anything wrong with this story. I’m just looking for a little deeper meaning to pop out, a lesson, something. That said, there was a lesson to be learned from the main character. She’s worried about having the perfect holiday. What she gets is quite less than what she was aiming for, but I hope she learned that perfection is overrated. The most entertaining aspect to this story was the cat. You simply can’t go wrong if you add a cat into any story. (That’s why we have 4!)


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