Finish #50 – Tricky Twenty-Two

P8061794.JPGFifty finishes! Yeah!

I’m only almost two months behind schedule. Boo!

Finish #50 is Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich. Twenty-two books in and Stephanie Plum still hasn’t decided between Morelli and Ranger. Pick already, would you?! And what is up with that hamster, Rex? How does a hamster live that long? We had hamsters. We had two. One beat up the other one. If I recall (It was ages ago when the kids were little that we got them for pets, so my memory could be a little fuzzy.), we had to move them to separate cages. Then they died. Start to finish, we had them less than a year. They might not have even lasted six months. What’s really bad is that I can’t even remember their names. So, considering our inability to keep two hamsters alive  when we’ve done quite well keeping four cats, three kids, two adults, and one dog alive, it really grates when a book character who can barely feed herself manages to keep a hamster alive for 22 books! (Yes, I do realize this is fiction!)

Anyway, enough with the hamster rant.

This was a typical Stephanie Plum book. Cars were ruined. There was man trouble. Bad guys got the upper hand. Lula and Grandma Mazur had the best lines. There were some laugh-out-loud moments. It was a good book; however, it was predictable since she has a formula that seems to have worked for 22 books and she doesn’t really deviate from it. I’ll probably continue to read these books just for those few laughable moments.


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