Finish #49 – Fire Storm

P8031793.JPGHave you ever had one of those books that was just MEH? Not good enough to keep your interest when something more enticing appeared, but not horrible enough to just give up on entirely?

This must have been one of those books, because it languished, unfinished, in a basket on the toilet lid for at least two years. It was in there so long soaking up moisture in the air from the shower that the pages are wavy from water damage. It was in there so long that I had to start it over a second time since I had forgotten most of what I had already read.

And you know what happened?

My interest flagged in about the same exact spot!

But, after a brief respite and with a little urging from a library summer challenge board square that said to read a book previously abandoned, I persevered and got through it. I might have also told myself to not even THINK about reading the newest Janet Evanovich book BEFORE I got this book finished.

Finish #49 (Yeah! Almost to 50 just two months behind schedule) is Fire Storm by Iris Johansen. This was the first book by Iris Johansen that I’ve read. I got a real kick out of the saying on the front of the book: “Takes you to the edge of suspense.” Um…apparently she takes me to the edge of boredom but doesn’t quite push me over.


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