Finish #48 – Calamity Jane

DSCN1637You are going to think that all I do all summer is go on vacation! I can assure you that this summer has been quite out of the ordinary for us. I can’t recall the last time (before this year) we’ve gone on anything more than a day trip during the summer.

This time the whole family headed down to Sandusky, Ohio for a couple days at Cedar Point. After riding Mean Streak there a few years ago (following a very bad experience with Shivering Timbers at Michigan’s Adventure), I was beginning to think that my days of coaster riding were coming to an end. Man, did that make me feel old! But, alas, I’m not old. I’ve still got a few more years of being flipped upside down and all around left in me. I just have to use a bit of wisdom when picking coasters. Mean Streak was definitely not ridden this year. (And, bummer, I say with no remorse, they’re getting rid of it.) I also avoided Corkscrew since bad things happen to my head whenever I ride that one. We enjoyed Valravn, though that time spent hanging there, looking down, and waiting for it to dive…YIKES! We rode Gatekeeper and Raptor three times each. The Magnum was way bumpier than I remembered. Eldest and I rode that and warned the rest of the fam away. (They had been off enjoying Soak City while we rode since it was just a bit too chilly…yes, chilly in August…for us to enjoy a waterpark.) We stayed in a cabin at Lighthouse Point with Lake Erie right outside our front door. I highly recommend it.

After Cedar Point we spent a day at Mammoth Cave. We enjoyed a picnic and two cave tours. We did the Historic Tour (see photo above of really old “graffiti” on the ceiling of the cave) and the Domes and Dripstones Tour. I have to say, I really did not need to know how many feet of earth were above my head during the tours. (We saw that movie about the Chilean miners a while back…Well, you can imagine all that was going through my head while we were down there!)

Even though the vacation was enjoyed by all, I think that everyone was just as happy as I was to get back to our own house with our own beds, own bathrooms, tasty healthy food, and pets. (Let me tell you something. It isn’t easy for vegetarians and vegans, frankly healthy eaters in general, to go on vacation. The meat eaters of the family were even requesting some veggies and fruit within a couple days.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile on vacation I finished book #48, Calamity Jane by Kathleen Bacus. This was a cute, light romance. In fact, the romance part was so light it was almost nonexistent. I’d say it was less romance and more just a story about this gal who has a lot of calamities befall her, thus leading to people not taking her seriously. There is a fellow in the story that she exchanges a few smooches with, but the story does not dwell on this relationship all that much. While creative, I did find the prevalence of similes to be almost distracting. It was good, though, for a light vacation book.

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