Finish #47 – Charley’s Web

P7271790.JPGThis was a good one. Even though I had the bad guy figured out about halfway through, it was still good. You know it’s good when you are bummed that it’s over. (Or maybe I was just bummed because I was in the middle of a project and I had nothing left to listen to and no time to go to the library to get another audiobook.) Finish #47 is Charley’s Web by Joy Fielding.

It’s a bit difficult to be fond of the main character as the story begins. In fact, she seems to not really care if people like her. She’s made her neighbors mad, her relationships with most family members are strained, her work relationships aren’t great either. But there’s something about her that you (or maybe it’s just me) can relate to. And when she gets letters threatening harm to her children, you really start rooting for everything to turn out okay for this prickly character.

So here’s the final installment of vacation pics:

DSCN1510.JPGThe only snake we saw in North Carolina was at the North Carolina Arboretum. We spent an enjoyable morning wandering through the gardens, looking at bonsai, eating the most delicious sandwich ever (Can we just have truckloads of Olive Muffuletta delivered to our door daily?), and checking out the cool Lego stuff (like the snake). It was a welcome reprieve from the strenuous walking of the previous day. But it was a short reprieve, because in the afternoon we went to Chimney Rock where we climbed a bazillion stairs to get to the top. Then we climbed some more to get even higher. Then we hiked to a waterfall. Then we collapsed and never wanted to walk again. (Well, actually, we walked back to the car before we collapsed.) The next day we drove all the way home, struggling at every rest stop to get our legs to straighten and move, just so our doggy wouldn’t have to spend one more night at the kennel.

Then you know what happened? I actually got all the pictures developed and scrapbooked within a week. That’s never happened before. We even got enlargements made of our faves and already have them hanging on the wall. That’s never happened so quickly either. Then I decided that I should finally tackle all of those other photos that have been gathering dust for YEARS. Sigh…my “sewing” room is now a disaster area. But the job is almost finished!DSCN1563.JPG

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