Finish #43- The Great Escape

P7061780.JPG Finish #43 is The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. After getting through David Copperfield, it was so nice to read something a bit “fluffy.” (I love “fluffy” books. Always have. One of my elementary school teachers complained at a parent/teacher conference to my mom that I read too much “fluff.” I liked that teacher a bit less after that remark! And I didn’t change my reading habits either. Back then it was all about Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High.) I figure I now read enough serious non-fiction and classics to balance out the “fluff.” But really, reading is supposed to be pleasurable, an escape, a way to relax. If all we read are “deep,” serious tomes, then there goes the pleasure, escape, and relaxation. (And I know, after reading 2 books in a row about human trafficking last December, that all that deep stuff can be downright depressing if not balanced out with something enjoyable.)

The Great Escape was the second book I’ve read by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. In Call Me Irresistible (Finish #38), we met Lucy Jorik (the main character of The Great Escape) very briefly as she ran away from her looming nuptials. She’s back in this book as the main character. The story was enjoyable, the characters interesting.

I mentioned recently that I was working on sewing up flannel squares into blankets (with the help of my kids who did a great job pressing seams) that we will take to a “baby pantry” or somewhere similar. I’m happy to report that seven blankets have been completed. (See photo below of one of the 5 girlie blankets. I only ended up with 2 boyish ones.) I think I may be able to finish one more with some remaining squares. But there’s a problem: I purchased flannel to back the blankets, and I bought toooo much! The goal was to use up the flannel I had, not get more! I’m thinking there might be some new pajama pants in my future, because I just can’t even think about cutting or sewing one more flannel square right now.


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