Finish #42 – David Copperfield

P6281778.JPGFinished. Finally! Insert big sigh of relief here. It’s not that the book was so awful that I’m sighing in relief. It wasn’t. It was just so darned long. That deceptively cute little book, smaller in both width and length than most books, with it’s golden-edged sides packed over 1200 pages. I thought reading it would go quickly, since with its more compact size it should have less words per page, thus meaning those pages would be flipped faster, right? Was I ever wrong.

Nine weeks and a few days. (Those few days over nine weeks being days that I’m now paying a fine to the library for having an overdue book.) That is how long this book has been in my possession. It would have taken me less time to read had I not kept reading other things at the same time. In an effort to get this thing off my “plate,” I’ve spent the last three afternoons lazily languishing on the couch whilst straining my eyeballs as I plowed through the remaining 400 pages.

So, Finish #42 is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.

I don’t really know what possessed me to pick this book up off the library shelf. It may have been its previously mentioned cute small size and gold-edged pages. I’m a sucker for little, cute, shiny things. But I think what made me stick it in my library bag were the names of the characters I caught sight of as I leafed through the pages. Who could resist getting to know characters named Peggotty, Murdstone, Heep, Ham, Traddles, and Trotwood?

There’s one thing you can say about Charles Dickens: he doesn’t skimp on description. As I mentioned to my Facebook friends, the only thing he neglects to tell us is when the main character uses the restroom or takes a breath. I. Am. Not. Kidding. But all this description can be a good thing. Especially in the case of Uriah Heep’s character. If you need a reason to pick up David Copperfield, then Uriah Heep is a good one. I can’t think of one character in any book that has ever inspired such loathing. You just want to stick around to see him get what’s coming to him.

I think that I will read more Dickens in the future…perhaps not the near future, as I’m Dickens-ed out at the moment…simply because he is a master at creating characters that you either love or hate.

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