Finish #41 – Last Light

P6231774.JPGNo, Finish #41 is not David Copperfield. I’m still plugging away at that one. Only around 500 more pages to go! Finish #41 is Last Light by Terri Blackstock. I listened to this audiobook while working my way through those flannel squares that I mentioned previously. Thankfully, I’ll finish up with those flannel squares about the same time I finish up David Copperfield. (Both have been monumental tasks!)

I’ve never read (or listened to) a book by Terri Blackstock until this one. I picked it up because I liked the sound of the plot. I would have enjoyed it much more with different characters. The story takes place during a time when all power has been knocked out in the United States (and perhaps in the world, but we aren’t told so). It’s a great idea for a story. I just couldn’t stand most of the characters. For example, the main family in the story goes to Walmart to purchase items that they feel are necessary to get through this power outage. The mom put hair dye on her list of necessities. Seriously, you’d think about hair dye?? The daughter, who is SUCH A WHINER, wants make-up. It’s so preposterous that I can’t even wrap my head around it!

The story does make a person think, however, about how we would fair should such an event occur in real life.

Enjoy your weekend! I’m hoping to get in a bike ride if the weather cooperates, some David Copperfield reading, and some more flannel square sewing.


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